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Make a Difference

About Our Initiative

At some point everyone has a time of need. Whether you're starting a business, striving to grow it with limited resources, fallen on hard times due to health, life, or economic hardship, or pursuing a dream to provide for your family through entrepreneurship, we understand the challenges you may encounter.

We also recognize that there are instances when you genuinely want to assist others but may feel uncertain about how to do so.

We created this initiative to help in both situations!

How You Can Help

Let's Drive Positive Change in the Lives of People Around the World!

As A Client

We can't do this without you! Every time you spend on design and marketing for your business at Macro Creative Marketing, we allocate a portion of our service profit to help other businesses in need. This way we can help you now and others in the future!

As A Contributor

Want to help but not sure how? Contribute to our initiative, so that we can help people that don't have the means to reach for their dreams!


We encourage you to share our initiative with others so that we can all grow a community of paying it forward, helping others, and practice more kindness.



Someone in Need!

Thank you for nominating! We invite you to share this initiative with others, and follow us on social media!

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Who Can I Nominate? 

You can nominate friends, co-workers, spouse, family members, even yourself! 

What is the limit for how many people I can nominate? 

There is no limit or timeframe. It is like a prayer request, always open and available. 

Can I nominate someone anonymously? 


Can I nominate a business or nonprofit that's just starting? 


Will this program end at the end of the year? 

No, this is for the lifetime of Macro Marketing and their family.

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